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We make games because we love how games can bring people together in a play-full manner. Games have a goal that can become a shared goal. Creating bonds between people and environments that never met before. The endless possibilities that this ideology brings are what fascinate us most.

We like to create games that suit the needs of our users. Therefore close attention is paid to the feedback that we get from our community and from professionals around us.

Our small team makes it easily to manoeuvre and make newly set goals and targets reality.

We focus excessively on providing an interactive atmosphere where each person that becomes involved is able to fulfil his ideal role in the bigger structure. This goes for the game and all other contact points a client, or partner has with Catching Games.  

Our work mentality is ambitious, open-minded, dynamic and structured, making it possible to get things done and making dreams come through. There is room for reflection and for improvement. We build, test, reflect and adjust. Not just the games but the company too. Agile, scrum and workflow methodologies are at the heart of the company.


Catching games is a young, fast growing ambitious enterprise that is focusing on development and publishing of software and cross-media projects with an innovative and creative character.

To achieve this, we have the following core values:

We bring people together

We provide a great experience for our users by involving them into the process

We are getting things done


We are working with various people with excellent skills. Our core team consists of:

Anke Kuipers

Founder and CEO of Catching Games, has a background in fine arts. As a practising artist she organised and participated in various national and international exhibitions. She started her first company in 2007 organising publicity events for companies with ice and snow sculptures. Her various experiences in marketing as well as making her ideas into reality formed the basis for the company where Kuipers is functioning as all-round managing director and concept creator.

Renco Klijnsma

Klijnsma is a serial Entrepreneur and investor in start-ups. He has a background in technology and is experienced in strategical deal making, finance, funding & business planning. With a lot of experience in technology start-ups Renco is a valuable support to Catching Games. In his spare time he is a fanatic catamaran sailor.

Vlad Bondarez

Bondarez is the Lead backend developer of Innebula and mastermind behind the functioning of our games. His favourite programming language is zend and C#. Bondarez can learn incredibly fast and no challenge is to small for him.

Alexander Pakkov

Pakkov is our lead front end developer. He is responsible to make everything work proper and dynamic for our end users. His specialty is flash.  

Pim van den Broek

Van den Broek is one of the designer/concept artists that works on and off the project. He loves the challenges that come with some of problems that we encounter along the way; he draws, sketches and designs his way through whatever Anke Kuipers is coming up with...